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April 2021: God is still in control

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

April 29, 2021

Dear family and friends,

Elizabeth made it safely home to begin her Covid shots while Richard, after receiving his, returned to Covid alley. You already know that the shots can’t protect you 100% as one can still get the virus but thankfully it is known to not be as severe.

This coming weekend is Ecuador’s Labor Day weekend. It will be another opportunity for more cases. Large gatherings are restricted but it’s difficult to control. Covid is out of control once again in 16 out of 24 provinces. The government mandated masks and 6 feet since the beginning last year but unfortunately the poor don’t always adhere to regulations. Covid cases amount to nearly 200 deaths per day, medical employees nearly 20 deaths per month. There are driving restrictions as well as curfews – 8pm till 5am every night where no one can be outside their homes except to-from essential jobs. The weekend is worse – Friday 8pm till 5am on Monday. That means no church services! Unemployment is very high. Before Covid, the un-official rate was 12% - now 30% plus. The official rate is 68% but the government only counts those that pay social security – having contracted jobs.

We specify all of the above because Ecuador desperately needs your prayers. We all know that there is a beautiful light at the end - our God is in control as He always has been!

Dios les Bendiga,

Richard and Elizabeth

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