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Medical Programs

Buen Samaritano Clinic is a licensed, Christian clinic located in the impoverished village of El Floron, Manabí Province of Ecuador.  Buen Samaritano opened in 2004 explicitly for the people of El Floron.  The community of 25,000 originated as a squatters village of poor residents.  The clinic addresses women’s, infants, children and adolescents issues as well as men’s.

Thanks to a visiting American gynecologist, eight years ago the clinic introduced Papanicoulau testing and breast exams to Floron women.

Inhalation therapy is frequent among infants, young and old since respiratory problems are common to this area. Rehydration fluids (oral or IV) are also a frequent need.

Buen Samaritano Clinic has been able to thrive due to the efforts of its committed Ecuadorian Staff and contributions from Fundación “Yo Te Amo,” CO.

An annual medical mission to surrounding, underserved villages began in 1998 prior to the forming of the foundation in 2001; the annual medical missions continued and included dental care. We coordinate all arrangements in Ecuador— in-country transportation, food and lodging. We also provide the same services for individuals and families that have a heart for missions and seek a short-term mission experience.

In the summer of 2019 Dr. Silvia subcontracted three new specialists from Portoviejo who were willing to attend patients at Buen Samaritano on an as needed basis.  Since then four more specialists have been added. Specialists are a cardiologist, pediatrician, endocrinologist, pulmonologist, physical therapist, and gynecologist.   

The Impact FYTA 
Made on Others

FYTA has provided assistance not only to the community of Floron (an impoverished, alienated suburb of the city of Portoviejo) but also to the many small villages that medical teams from the USA have reached. The clinic is a safe haven for the community whereby health issues can be addressed. Through the many years we have observed dramatic changes in lives and the atmosphere of the Floron Community at large. They now feel that with the clinic they have something that is a part of their community. This has ultimately been one of the finest tools to reaching the people with the word of Jesus Christ.


Maria was brought to our FYTA medical mission in her village. She obviously had a clubfoot that place her as an outcast. Through incredible means, Elizabeth was introduced to an orthopedic surgeon who ultimately did surgery on Maria. Today, Maria continues to live with her grandmother, walking like others.


Joffre is a young man who had scarlet fever as a child with no medications available which resulted in a heart defect requiring a valve replacement. Elizabeth was acquainted with a cardiologist in Quito who was willing to examine Joffre. Ultimately, Joffre required a second valve replacement, financial assistance for he and his family and thanks to an American doctor heart medication was brought from the USA for many years.  Joffre was able to work and support his family since his last surgery. Joffre Sanchez, only 44, went to be with the Lord prior to Richard’s arrival in September 2022. He left behind his wife, Maria, and their three children.


Juliana was brought to FYTA 20 years ago as an infant; she was born with a three chambered heart and the two major vessels transposed.  At less than one year Elizabeth took her parents and Juliana to a cardiologist in Quito.  He examined her extensively and had a CT scan performed. USA cardiologist and professor from Cornell School of Medicine University said chances for obtaining and surviving a heart transplant with such deformity was next to none.

Juliana's mother took exceptional care of her. Any suspected illness found mom and Juliana at Buen Samaritano to see Dra. Silvia Venegas.

Two years ago Juliana and boy friend asked to be baptized at her church next to the clinic. And last year Juliana entered college and this past May was wed to Alejandro.  We were able to attend the wedding which was a joyous event. Yes, we have deep concerns for Juliana's heart condition. But we recall Juliana saying, "I just want to be happy for whatever time God has given me." That seems like a wise to live.

Today, at 21 years, Juliana is cared for at FYTA’s clinic Buen Samaritano.


Esnerio was a 42 year old man brought to our Buen Samaritano Clinic in a ‘human sling’ his two young sons carried suspended between a bamboo pole.  Esnerio had been bed ridden and unable to walk for years due to severe arthritis.  Through combined efforts of an Ecuadorian lady, J & J and FYTA Esnerio was supplied with two J & J  prosthetic hips, surgery performed in Quito and Esnerio and his wife Bianca have returned to thank FYTA for the financial assistance for bilateral hip replacements . . .And, we have visited him in his home in the jungle.



Luis is an impoverished, young man who lives in Floron and bakes for a living.  He was brought to Buen Samaritano Clinica for a malfunctioning brain stint that gave him a very obvious hydrocephalic appearance.  At that time, Dr. Luis Parralles, a surgeon, was the Clinic’s Medical Director.  Dr. Parralles was unable to locate the appropriate stint in Ecuador and contacted Elizabeth at her Denver, Colorado home.  The stint was located and Fed Ex-ed to Ecuador.  Dr. Parralles performed the surgery and months later Luis returned with his prized baked goods to thank Elizabeth.

Dr. McVay with their first AIDS baby

Dr. Parralles also delivered, without hesitation, out first AIDS baby. Dr. Randi McVay provided medicine for the baby to prevent the virus from passing to the infant. This past year Dr. Parralles passed away, but he leaves a great legacy not only to his family but also to many others that he so willingly and compassionately card for.

About Us

Fundación “Yo Te Amo”, Colorado

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Our Commitment to Ecuador

Proverbs 31:8-9 (NIV) “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy."

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