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Meet Our Staff

Since our founding in 2001, Fundación “Yo Te Amo”, Colorado has developed and grown in a positive direction. We’re very proud of the diversity of our staff, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success. Find out more about some of our team members below.


Dra. Silvia

Medical Director

As the Medical Director, Dra. Silvia has impressively managed the Buen Samaritano Clinic since December 2005. Earning an advanced degree in dietetics, she strives to educate patients on affordable, improved diets since diabetes and hypertension are major problems in this area. Dr. Silvia and husband Vladimir have three children; their eldest is a dentist who frequently substitutes for the clinic dentist, and two high school students involved in their church orchestra.

Dra. Karolina 1.jpg

Dra. Karolina


Dr. Karolina has been with the clinic since June 2012. Over the past two years she has traveled to Brazil for an advanced course in her field. She is a magician at getting the most difficult child in the dental chair. Dr. Karolina works half days at Buen Samaritano and half day in her office in her family's home. Every day she travels 1 ½ hours one way by bus to the clinic.


Laboratory Director

Fabian is following in his predecessor's footsteps as laboratory manager. He graduated from the Technical University (government) in Portoviejo and has worked elsewhere for the past three years and now takes on Buen Samaritano Clinic's rapidly expanding patient load.




Eliana is a licensed accountant who has been with Buen Samaritano since September 2007. With continual legal changes in all areas of Ecuadorian law Eliana has had major challenges. . . Not to mention being wife of a pastor and mother of two active young boys



Administrative Assistant

Delores, fondly known as 'Loly', from the ‘get go’ has managed patient flow, charts, and a variety of other tasks since August 2014. AND, Loly attends full time at the university. Cost would be prohibitive if it were not for generous American donors. Loly's GPA was such that it earned her a free semester. This young lady is organized! She and a friend hold a mid-week children’s' church school at her father's church in Floron 8, the poorest of the poor in Floron.

Fabian Almeida.jpg


Water Technician

Fabian is a new member of our staff as of August 2023. He replaced Moises who had served our water department well for the last five years. Fabian was discovered by our medical director at her church. He fills the position as a truck driver which requires a commercial license. He not only drives the truck but assists the other technicians with the required duties in the production of pure water. We know he will be a wonderful asset to Buen Samaritano Water staff.



July 2023 Fabricio resigned his position at the clinic after 16 years and was replaced by Junior was discovered by our medical director at her church in Portoviejo. It was noted that he was a humble and hard-working young man when he often subbed for Fabricio's vacation days. We are honored and look forward to his being a wonderful addition to our staff.


Manual (Pastor Meza)

Day Guard

Besides being the Day Guard since December 2006, Pastor Meza is our 'Mr. Fix-it man' and an evangelist at the clinic. Even with his un-solicitous
personality he is often found in his guard shack with his Bible open and a passerby seated near him conversing. Pastor Meza has a small church next to his home which is in the 'poorest of the poor' section in Floron 8.


Senior Water Technician

Jorge is our senior water employee having been with us since October 2014 for 5 years. Jorge is as reliable as the day is long; he is a valuable employee. He and his wife anticipated children, especially after a miscarriage that severely grieved Jorge. Joy came finally graced the family as they celebrated success with a new born in 2022. It was gratifying to see his fellow workers in the water and clinic come around and support him and his wife.



Water Technician

Pepe, with his father and three men, came from Cuba in search of work. Sadly, shortly after arriving in Ecuador Pepe's father unexpectedly died. Pepe became acquainted with the youth group at the church next to the clinic. At that time, Pepe was working at a job with no benefits - even though it is required by Ecuadorian law. It was the church youth group that encouraged Pepe to apply for a water position. Pepe has been with us since April 2018. . . He has never stopped smiling. He is hoping to raise enough money to return and visit his family whom he has not seen in 6 years.


Michael (say Mish-i-el)

Water Technician

Michael, the brother of Jose, is our most recent water tech who came on board in January 2019. Buen Samaritano interviewed Michael in June 2016. When he was told he had the job he asked, "Could you give it to my brother; he has a family?" Thus, Jose was interviewed and hired. This was one of the most astounding examples of brotherly love that I have witnessed. His work reflects the same.


Nurse and Laboratory Assistant

Mayra is a welcomed, familiar face around the clinic. In the past she substituted for Angelita the past few years. And now, she permanently fills that position. Her small and gentle way are an asset to the clinic. Mayra is the mother of three and "almost" a grandmother!

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