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Experience what God
can do through your generosity

Thank you – your prayers, invested “help time” and financial contributions have enabled FYTA to continue to support our work in Ecuador. No words could describe our gratitude for the blessings you have given us. To God be the glory!

Donate online with Debit or Credit Card

Donating with a debit or credit card is the most convenient way of giving through our website. This service provides a way to donate quickly, conveniently and most importantly securely. Any major credit card used provides a secure encrypted server ensuring 100% protection from unauthorized payments and fraud.

Donate with Debit or Credit Card
Mail a Gift

Check, Money Order or Credit Card

To donate by check, money order or credit card, please print out the donation form (from button below), complete and mail back to:


6070 S. Nome Street

Englewood, CO 80111

You can also set up Bill Pay through your local financial institution by sending a one time or recurring check to the address above. Please call us at 303-721-6977 or email us at to obtain the information needed to set this up with your bank.



Monthly Giving

Monthly contributions is a no hassle way to make a monthly donation from your credit card or bank account that is automatically deducted on the same day of each month.

Monthly contributions are a benefit to both the donor and the organization.

For the organization, it provides a consistent support and income and allows us to be able to make plans for the future.

For the donor, it provides:

  • the consistency of the same monthly deduction,

  • the convenience of no check writing,

  • a yearly tax statement,

  • the ability to change or cancel your donation,

  • a no-hassle set-up process and

  • the availability to give monthly, quarterly or annually.


Please call us at 303-721-6977 or email us at to obtain the information needed to set this up with your bank.



In-Kind Donations

Since 1998, medical care has been provided to the impoverished of El Floron where other means of help was not available. Since the founding of FYTA, the organization has been able to expand to offer a fully equipped, low-cost laboratory, dental clinic and a purified water system.

FYTA welcomes individual contributions and gifts in kind of medical supplies as well as general needs, primarily for the children in the clinic. We prefer to obtain supplies from in-country but often they are provided by individuals here in the US and are transported to Ecuador by FYTA personnel. For more information concerning making a donation, please email to

Medical Supplies Needs:

  • Urine cups with lids-sterile

  • Urine analysis dip sticks, multi-test

  • Unused blue drop clothes used in surgery

  • Surgical hand towels

  • Sterile syringes and needles

  • Sterile gauze 2″x 2″ and 4″x 2″

  • Tape, paper and adhesive

  • Band-Aids

  • Sterile cotton balls

  • Alcohol pads


General Needs:

  • Children’s crayons, colored markers and stickers (not violent characters)

  • Biblical coloring books in Spanish

  • Children’s DVD’s in Spanish (Veggie Tales)

  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste

  • Very good condition children’s shoes

  • Spanish version or Spanish/English version Bibles

  • Soccer balls, deflated

  • Small stuffed animals (like new)

Other Options

Company Options

  • Some companies offer matching funds up to a certain amount to any 501(c)(3) organization that you designate. Check with your company’s HR Department for details.

  • Another option that may be available from your company or from another foundation that you belong to is through Grants. If you are with a grant making foundation, please email for more information.

  • Stock Options may also be available through your company as a way of donating. Please contact your financial advisor for more information.


Estate Planning

If you are planning to give a portion of your remaining estate when the Lord calls you home, please consider talking to your advisor about supporting our work in Ecuador in this manner.

United Way

This organization also offers you the ability to name the organization that you prefer your specified funds to go to.

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