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December 2020: The Reason for the Season

December 26, 2020

Dear Friends,

We hope this finds you well and that you were able to celebrate Christmas Eve and Day in your hearts if not with your family. My 91-year-old mom just called to share that a week ago last Thursday the facilities cleaning lady came to her apartment and asked to sit down because she felt so awful. . . My mom just asked about her and this cleaning lady has COVID-19. . . Probably each of you have some type of story that is COVID-19 related.

It can be challenging to mentally ‘switch channels’ and re-focus on “The Reason for The Season.” However, as I have reflected on 2020, I have thought about this pandemic and compared it to many Old Testament situations. Can this be a loving God calling His remnant back from their/our wanderings? Humanly speaking it is always a ‘mountain’ for me to comprehend God’s vast love for us and how He has reached out in mercy time and time again. . . Sending His son as a helpless baby in . . . well, poverty by our standards. Then, His 33 years on earth living a life of compassion, humility and servanthood. . . and not as royalty or king.

Thank you for your prayers for Richard and his three weeks back in Ecuador. He returned Saturday and we went straight to COVID-19 testing which turned out negative.

And now we hear of a new COVID-19 strain. . . Will this keep our focus off God? Or will 2021 find us on our knees and looking to Our God in a new light. . . Not quite so consumed with this World and all its cares.

We wanted to share with you that Richard’s trip was again difficult with another loss. Some of you may possibly remember our beloved Pastor Gruezo at the church next to the clinic; at the age of 53 he succumbed to a heart attack. We have all taken this with much sadness and grief except to know how he was welcomed into heaven. His wife, Jacqueline is having great sorrow which she has been unable to rise above. They have 5 children (3 are still in the home) and 5 grandchildren. Please keep Jacqueline and family in your prayers.

Pastor Gruezo and family at his 50th birthday.

(L) Pastor Gruezo and beloved wife, Jacqueline.

(R) Pastor Gruezo brings a friendly iguana to show the unbelieving staff.

Never are we left without hope or knowing that Our God is sovereign . . . And this unites us in confidence and joy. . . This is most certainly true!! Rejoice my friends. God be with each of you,

Elizabeth and Richard <><

PS, Please remember to email or text us your favorite recipe(s)! Thank you!

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