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February 2020: God has a plan...

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Hmm, so what actually can be said of God’s predictability?  “Our plan” (i.e., my plan) was to return to Ecuador no later – not a second later – than January 1st or preferably prior.  Much to our complete frustration Richard daily communicated with the Ecuadorian Consulate in Phoenix who continued requests for more original papers for our visas. . .This went on for three months!

On the flip side of our detainment for lack of new visas, I was able to accompany our youngest daughter to obstetric appointments. . . Which was a major surprise for all of us:  at 41 years and after 7 years of marriage.  Visas were never granted until days after a very difficult delivery of Cora Rae Brennan who remains in NICU and making slow but sure progress each day.

Yes, I am a firm believer of “Be patient and wait on the Lord.” But sometimes, well probably often, if I am honest, I don’t realize how impatient I am.  My ways run ahead of God’s perfect plan.

As I write this Richard and I are winging our way back to Ecuador. . . our new granddaughter is slowly improving but remains in NICU.  I will only stay one week; the delayed staff meeting/dinner is very important for Dr. Silvia, medical director, who deserves our support as she takes on new responsibilities.  Richard will remain in Floron to continue working with the four water technicians and any building repairs.

Thursday, February 20th Staff Dinner/Meeting

Clinic/Water Staff and Fundación Buen Samaritano Board of Directors

Elizabeth and Angelita      Elizabeth and Dra. Karolina                

                 (Orthodontist)                                   (Medical Assistant)

     Jose and Richard         Dolores and Elizabeth                                         (Office Manager)                        (Water Technician Supervisor)

Elizabeth and Dra. Silvia (Medical Director)

Our sincerest thanks and gratitude for your support over Thanksgiving, Christmas Holidays and New Year. . . Our apologies for minimal communication.  We hope to do better as the year progresses.

Our prayer requests:

*Thanksgiving for visas!

*Adequate fundraising (Ecuador again this year raised minimum wages.)

*Dr. Silvia’s health as she takes on added responsibilities

*Thanksgiving for Angelita, Jose, Dr. Karolina and Delores who completed

  educational pursuits as a result of American supporters (Angelita and Jose 

completed their GED and Jose also completed a commercial driver’s license course, Dr. Karolina took a two-year course in orthodontic restoration, and Delores is finishing at the university in administration.)

Never have I seen more gratefulness and humility in the staff (especially with the graduates) than these people.  Angelita is almost 65 years – oldest in her class. Jose gets teary when thanking us; he had to quit school in the 9th grade when his father abandoned the family and he had to drop out of school to support the family.  Dr. Karolina says without our permission she couldn’t have taken the course which was every six weeks in Brazil.  And Delores got one semester free as a result of high grades.  I cannot say how much you are appreciated; thank you.

Dios los bendiga en 2020,

Elizabeth and Richard <><

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