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January 2021: Unchanging peace in all things

January 18, 2021

Dear FYTA Friends and Family,

Congratulations!! You have now entered 2021 that many longed for . . . and yet people are not seeing a great change that they had hoped. . . That could be an explosive comment either way if I was referring to the ‘USA political scene’. But, of course I am not. As Christians our ‘political scene’ resides in a more Heavenly realm that grants us unchanging peace and contentment. But yes, the World continues to tug and pull at us. . . wooing us to absorb and join all the Covid fear and anxiety that seems rampant at every turn. Yes, we do also grieve losses. However, as in the Old Testament He beacons us to our knees and longs for renewed relationship where ‘busyness’ has crept in and watered-down depth.

So besides “Happy and Blessed New Year” we wanted to thank each of you that have taken the time to send in recipes for our upcoming fundraiser cookbook, much appreciated. (Board member Cindy will continue to take recipes until February 14th, Valentine’s day.)

And, to also let you know that on Friday – God willing – Richard and I will return to Ecuador. The Ophthalmologist sees no tears or detached retina in my problem eye and said to go with caution. Flights have changed so we are thrilled that we have the option to now arrive in Quito at 9:10p or 2am – which one do you think we will opt for? Incredible competition has arisen with water sales so Richard will be working on that ‘fly in the ointment’. And I will be evaluating clinic functions AND a new project: the Floron Cemetery. I am embarrassed to say I have never seen it; however, Richard has been there twice the last three months. He said it is absolutely horrible: all weeds, discarded re bar, etc. Hopefully, I can round up the church youth group and we can attack this atrocity!

As always know we covet your prayers for our travel, continued health and safety of the staff and that ALL is done to bring glory to a God that never changes or leaves our side. His eternal love is covering all of us!

Dios los bendiga,

Richard and Elizabeth

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