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Please pray for Ecuador!

August 8, 2023

Good morning to each of you,

I know that this news is not 'news' to everyone but definitely worth repeating. You may or may not be aware of the drug cartel issue in Ecuador. On July 23rd the mayor of Manta was assassinated; it was the third attempt on his life. His wife wore a bullet proof vest to his memorial service. It was well known that he was cracking down on the drug cartel issue. At that time three provinces were put under house restrictions from 10pm to 5am. The Manabi Province that we work in was one of the three provinces.

This last Wednesday, Aug 9th, a man who was a journalist and running for President was shot and killed as he entered his motorcade after giving a speech which included heavy crack down remarks on Ecuador's out of control drug cartels. He was one of 8 contenders vying for a spot in an election this coming August 20th. As a result, the current president declared a national emergency that put the whole country on a 10pm to 5am curfew. Portions of his declaration have aspects of martial law (only the president and not the military is in control) – no warrants needed for the police to enter a home – authority to shoot to kill so that civilian courts are not needed to prosecute individuals involved in the drug war. They only end up in prison that are already run or partially run by drug gangs.

Dra, Silvia has asked us to pray for Ecuador. . . This drug cartel situation is critical, to say the least. Pray for protection of our water technicians as they deliver water and pray for the safety of all our clinic/water staff as they come and go to work. May each one of them and their families be granted the peace that surpasses all understanding through Christ Jesus.

Thank you and Dios los bendiga,

Richard and Elizabeth <><

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