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August 2019: Our incredible mini-mission team!

August 7, 2019

Dear Family and Friends,

A Quick Quiz For You

How important is it to speak Spanish in el Floron, Ecuador?



-Have some grasp of the language

-Not that important Insignificant

I suppose some of you ‘right brain thinkers’ will want more info:

-Am I just stopping for gas and passing through?

-Am I a MD on a medical mission? 

-Etc. . .

If you chose #4 or #5 I’d say, “Correct!” or at least correct during the past two weeks that our two grand kids and a ‘mini team’ from Colorado Springs were in Floron.

Casten worked with the four water technicians and volunteered to relieve Pastor Mesa from the odious, annual job of cleaning three water tanks that are on the roof to collect rainwater. Yes, you see black but that’s because the rain cleans the collected dust off the roof which settles to the bottom.

Kaiya was part of the ‘mini mission team’ that held a Vacation Bible School in Floron 8.  This energetic team held a morning and afternoon session; and they did receive some translating help from Loly (our office manager at the clinic), Diana and Genesis from the church.  But take a look, I’d definitely say love, laughter and hugs won out over language issues. . .Absolutely amazing how the Holy Spirit can bubble up and unite complete strangers.

Top (-L>R):

Lexi, Kirsten, Genessis, Loly, Dr. Heather, Kaiya

To further support my stance, take a look at how ‘after hours’ were spent: Lexi and Kirsten playing soccer with Floron girls…

They also played with the guys at a soccer field down the street.

Top (L->R): Cristhian (night guard), Piter (Pastor Gruezo’s son), Casten, Kaiya (grandkids), Lexi, Kirsten (CO springs).

Bottom (L->R): Jose (water), Isaac (Pastor Gruezo’s son), Jorge (water), Michael (water), Pepe (water)

Then there is you!  Fervent prayers and contributions – might I add – some very unexpected contributions have allowed us to purchase an electrocardiogram to be used by a cardiologist willing to come in one morning a week. See pic below with the ‘first patient’: Pastor Meza.

And, we were able to begin preparing the walls that are constantly peeling paint (which the Health Department has certainly noticed and commented on.) due to the humidity.  Ceramic tiles will be put halfway up the walls.  We were coughing on all the dust from scraping paint but are thanking the Lord for the surprise funding provided for this major project!

Prayer requests:

*Safe travel, health and unity for the medical team coming in October.

*For the Lord’s protection with any further FYTA fraud disruptions that Richard has been dealing with for over a month and are still unresolved.

*Thanksgiving for the health and safe travel for the Colorado Springs team and our grandchildren over the past two weeks.

*Safe travel and resolve for Richard as he returns to Ecuador to deal with the newly formed ARCSA which is imposing new legal issues with the water.

We pray each of you are having safe summer and shining His light for all to experience. 

Dios los bendiga,

Elizabeth and Richard <><

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