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May 2020: God's promise for us

May 23, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,      


Since our last update, the middle of April, it seems we have been in suspended animation. . . We sincerely pray that your family is well and spared from Covid-19.  Life has not returned to ‘normal.’   Richard has said that Colorado has continued to be high in new viral cases and the ‘normal’ we once knew will be replaced . . . and what that will look like we are unsure.  However, we are positive of His promise to never leave or forsake us. . .I do not mean to be “Pollyanna”, but have you noticed ‘positives’ during this pandemic crisis?  We have been looking for positives both here at home and abroad. . . and have found many.

It was our understanding then that Covid-19 had not invaded Floron. . . but, it has.  To compound the viral attack, Dengue (mosquito born disease) is also a major issue in Floron.  In fact, a 50-year-old lady – Felipe – whom I have known since my first visit twenty-two years ago has succumbed to what they think was Dengue. 

Dra. Silvia is taking calls from patients as many are doing here.  According to her report most patients were either under 10 years or over 50 years.  She requested that we especially pray for two of the areas of Portoviejo where the highest concentration of Covid-19 resides of which Floron (where we work) is one and San Pablo is the other with which you may not be familiar.  Dra. Silvia also mentioned that a 71-year-old lady tested positive. Five others in her home could not be tested because they did not have the money to pay for the test.  Thus, reports in impoverished areas such as Floron probably have a much higher incidence if all were tested.

And on a very somber note, a few days ago, Dra. Mayra Quijije succumbed to Covid-19.  For many years she has been the Chemical Engineer that came monthly to assess the water production as required by law.  Dra. Mayra is the mother of two young boys.  We deeply grieve this loss and pray for her husband and family.

*We thank God for each of you that have been able to financially give so that at this point FYTA has been able to pay our staff.

Things may seem a little topsy-turvy for now but Fabricio (our custodian/law student) keeps the grounds looking nice as the garbage bags are evidence that the bushes have been trimmed. And…

Limes from our Limon tree continue to propagate and need picking – just as our multiple banana trees. Both provide some substance to our staff. (You will need to use your emails zoom feature to see the limes at the top of the photo).

Prayer requests:

*Please continue praying for the people of Floron.  Dra. Silvia is giving out medications when needed.

*Pray our water technicians and families stay healthy and equipment working.

*Pray for Dra. Silvia’s health and stamina as well as her husband, Vladimir, who continues with serious ocular problems that now may be attributed to cardiac issues.  May God provide the medical assistance and answers desperately needed.

On a brighter note, please take time to check out our ‘renovated’ web site (  Board member Cindy Reagan has spent grueling months revising it. . .and you can now become better acquainted with our staff that blesses the people of Floron! Periodically check back for changes and updates. Besides our history, our email update letters are also posted.

As we move through these times of uncertainty about many things in our lives, may this verse unite us and give us confidence for now and the future: 

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”.  2 Timothy 1:7

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, … Colossians 3:15a

Dios los bendiga,

Richard, Elizabeth and the FYTA board

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