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March 2020: Greetings once again!

Friday, March 7th, 2020

Greetings once again! I am back home in Colorado after a short but busy trip to our favorite spot in Floron 8.

Our two-year visa was finally granted – or so we thought! Unfortunately, we were misinformed by the Ecuadorian Consulate here in the US that the visa was a normal Voluntary Visa that allowed us to travel back and forth as we always did. It wasn’t until we arrived in Ecuador that we discovered that it was a visa that had residency requirements – allowing us to only be out of Ecuador for 90 days in a rolling year. This will not work for us due to commitments in Colorado. We are thankful though as it did allow us to get started again in Ecuador. In a couple of months, we will have to convert back to using the tourist days which gives us 90 days there in a rolling year with a possible extension once a year.

Elizabeth came back early to help our youngest daughter Anna. On January 30th she had their first child – a baby girl she and husband Dan Brennan named Cora Rae. She was a three-week preemie that required her to remain in the hospital intensive care unit. But praise God for answered prayers as she was finally able to go home on March 5th.

Turning thoughts back to Ecuador we wanted to share a few photos of our staff members who through their hard work and determination finally graduated from high school (GED’s). We are so proud of them; we both planned to attend their graduation ceremonies but only Richard was able to do so.

Angelita, who we fondly call our “Nurse”, accomplished her life-long dream at the age of 67! Do you think she was the oldest in her class?

Angelita with her husband and son

For the past 2 years Jose didn’t get to see a lot of his family. He put in a full day’s work at the clinic while he attended night school M-F. On weekends he attended a much-needed commercial driver’s license school. He needed this course in order to drive the big water delivery truck. Jose, you’re incredible! (So is your wife!!)

Before graduation! Finished!

                           Jose’s wife, mother and daughter

We both are home now for a couple of weeks and will then return to attend another celebration. Our admin specialist Dolores (who we call Loly) will be tying the knot with Carlos – who you may remember worked as our head water production technician but departed over a year ago to attend the police academy. He currently serves in Guayaquil (3 hours away) and is assigned there for one more year. Whenever he can come back to Floron to see Loly he is also building piece by piece their home that is located right next to Loly’s parents in Floron 8.

Please include Dra. Silvia’s husband, Bladimir. For the past 2 months he has been in and out of the hospital with increasing blurry vision in his right eye. Many inconclusive tests have been run; only an optic nerve irregularity has been detected. He is very much in need of our prayers.

We pray that each of you are doing well in this new year and we look forward to hearing from you as we travel this journey God has given us together.

Dios los bendiga,

Richard and Elizabeth <><

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