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September 2020: Unity in Christ

September 11, 2020

Good Morning Friends,

I was reminded that today is the 19th Anniversary of ‘911’.  A year that found Americans grieving and fearful. . . And yet, found us uniting in prayer and spirit for our beloved America. Today, we find a similar situation except it is internal destruction, not external.  Despite ‘current events’ there is still God’s unity that draws us together to focus beyond ourselves to brothers and sisters in Christ also experiencing the Covid pandemic plus poverty.  Our sincere gratitude for your financial and prayer support that meant we were able to provide full salaries for the Floron medical and water staff for this month, October and hopefully beyond (depending on other non-budgeted expenses) . . . . Our board agreed that we will take a step of faith for upcoming months. . . Our God is fully aware of the needs. …and your generosity.

Richard and I did have a Covid test on Tuesday and received negative reports yesterday that will prevent us from going into 14 days of quarantine upon arrival in Quito.  I will return by next weekend after retrieving the remainder of fundraiser items; Richard will be going on to Floron to inspect the mini water plant, deliver medical supplies, bless our aging car with new headlights and lend support to the four water technicians who ask incessantly when he is coming.

One unfortunate situation is that Avianca Airlines has publicized flights from Quito to Manta but Avianca is not flying as advertised.  Thus, Richard will be driven to Floron which is a 7 – 8-hour drive from Quito. This is not ideal, but the four young water technicians will definitely cheer upon his arrival. . . an awfully long 6 months without their ‘boss’.

Since the last up-date the Covid virus in the Portoviejo increased severely and the loosened

hours of home quarantine returned to the original 5am to 2pm you could be out of your home. This was strict; police came to Floron to enforce these times to abusers.   Floron (a ‘suburb’ of Portoviejo) was on the list of severest hit areas of Portoviejo.  We became extremely concerned when a patient that Dra. Silvia examined, sent straight to the hospital, and died the next day. . . followed by Dra. Silvia becoming ill.  She was tested and though the test was negative she has experienced Fibromyalgia.  Please keep her in your prayers; she is under incredible stress monitoring strict biosecurity protocol in the clinic and water not to mention her own family which includes an aging father, three children and her husband who you might remember has a serious unresolved ocular problem.

And lastly, I wanted to share that all fundraisers except one have been cancelled.  October 10th will find us masked and outside under covered areas at the Broadmoor Community Church, 24 Sanford Road; Colorado Springs, 80906, 9 –3.  Yes, masks will be required.

And, there will be a ‘virtual fundraiser’ following October 10th.  This will be a website displaying all our Ecuadorian items.  Some you have seen previous years, and some will be new.  Items were purchased last January but we have been unable to bring it all back.  In the beginning of Covid 19 we said we would never do a computer-generated fundraiser!  But here we are developing a website which we hope you will investigate as you begin thinking of Christmas gift giving.  (The website is forthcoming after October 10th.)

May this find each of you well and ‘masked at the appropriate times.’ 

If you would like to join us our board has been committed to pray at 9pm each night for:

  1. The Buen Samaritano clinic and water staff and their families for a protective hedge around each of them.

  2. Thanksgiving for donations that are helping to cover salaries.

  3. Dra. Silvia’s relief from Fibromyalgia, relief from other stressors as she oversees clinic and water operations.

  4. Our trip on Monday, September 14 to Houston and on to Quito; Richard and driver’s safety on Thursday as they drive 7/8 hours from Quito to Floron.  And, Richard’s safety and health while he is at the clinic.  (He is planning 2 – 3 weeks to be there.)

  5. Thanksgiving for His promise to never leave or forsake us.

  6. Americans revived and committed to resolve issues peacefully, honestly and with integrity and respect.

Dios los bendiga,

Richard, Elizabeth and the FYTA board

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