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September/October 2019: Blessings

September/October 2019

A Computer Threat Foiled. . . as far as we know.

Since our last brief ‘update’ we have not heard from any of you so we are thinking the e-mail was a threat and not sent. . . Richard has changed his email address and to date all seemed well and off we went (September 29th) to prepare for the upcoming Medical Mission of 12 medical professionals due on October 8th.

However, the computer threat was only the beginning.  Three days after we arrived

all of Ecuador went on a vicious transportation strike after the President announced the removal of all gas/diesel subsidies as part of an agreement with IMF.  What ensued was initially the northern and southern indigenous marching to Quito in hopes of peacefully meeting with President Moreno; that did not happen, the President refused to back down or change gas prices.  At the same time all taxis, buses and trucks throughout Ecuador ceased to run and blockaded highways throughout Ecuador.  (In Portoviejo all entrances in and out of the city were blocked as well as bridges that divide the city.  Meaning, people could not get to work. . . We went daily to pick up our medical director and dentist who first walked across the bridge to our car waiting on the other side.)  The President now ordered military involvement to control rioting crowds.

As the situation escalated, we were in close contact with the medical mission team of 13 coming from the USA and Mexico.  I was very explicit about our situation and Cara Harrington, “Just Jump, Ministries” Executive Director persisted in the team coming.  I prayed and sought confirmation from the Lord . . . none came.  I went to Scriptures. . . the lives of Moses, Joshua and David seemed to speak to me.  All three of them went against the current of public opinion . . . and surely all three – Moses, Joshua and David - were aware of possible consequences. . .  exactly my concern for this team!  Hmmm, my obedience to God, where did that fit in?

But they came (along with over 450+ hand-made backpacks filled with toothbrush/toothpaste/ deodorant/etc.), Bibles, crayons, etc. and were willing to spend the night in the Quito Airport since taxis blocked the road to their hotel.

And did I mention the 24 bags of luggage they brought?!? Cara begins to unpack 24 suitcases and Lisa keeps us laughing!

With the continued taxi blockade our scheduled mission sites had to be changed.

Thus, we spent two days at Buen Samaritano Clinica and Floron 8. We did our best to let the Venezuelan Refugees know about the site change. Dra. Silvia, Dra Lidia (Pediatrician), Dr. Castro and Dra. Karla (Dentist) also worked with us at various locations which made this truly an international team effort.

Pastor Gruezo was willing to ask ‘The Damas de Iglesias’ to make a lunch for the Venezuelans and while FYTA provided the ingredients.

Oops! I forgot to show you all the prayers and combined efforts of youth volunteers that went into preparing for this medical mission.  I find this nothing short of incredible!!!

And now, onto the incredible fruits of all these kids’ labor at the actual medical mission sites which began with prayer not only for our patients but especially for the chaos, turmoil and lost lives throughout Ecuador. . . especially Quito and Guayaquil.

As crowds gathered Mellania, Botchie and Delores took intake information and Lois, Lisa, Valerie and Delayne took TPR and BP on each person and Lois, Valerie and Delayne took Temp-Pulse-Respirations, BP and weight on each person.

The wonderful backpack kits were obviously a major hit.

And each person was given special time to talk, pray and receive kid friendly (or adult) information on Jesus. . .and a Bible if interested.

Dental cleaning was provided by Hygienist Cheryl as well as extractions - if necessary - by our Buen Samaritano Dentists Dra. Carolina and Dra. Karolina and Tami kept the patients coming and instruments sparkling clean.  This chap had a tooth extracted but still smiling!

Dr. Cathy Clary, a Family practitioner, took the utmost time to connect with her patients with the help of Denver translator, Jesus Quintana who was invaluable!

Now here is a Nurse Practitioner that worked endlessly under challenging conditions. . . Barbara and Betsy (translator from Mexico) were quite the team and our own Buen Samaritano Nurse Assistant Angelita did all the PAP paperwork.

And Pharmacist Jane cranked out the med prescriptions and RN Miriam expertly gave instructions to each patient.

Probably most important is that babies were coddled, kids were enjoyed and at the end of each day I was sure He was saying: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”  Matthew 25:21a (NKJV) And that extends to each of you that have supported and prayed for FYTA…The Holy Spirit has moved dynamically through His people. . . All praise, honor and glory to His holy name.

The group and our most helpful water technicians Tatiana – our chief cook and bottle washer!

Dios los bendiga,      

                                        PS: 550 patients were seen

Richard, Elizabeth Engkjer                                      1,340 hurt in the demonstration           

& FYTA Board   <><                                              1,152 arrested

                                                                                 7 killed

                                                                                 3 police doused with gasoline

                                                                                    and set aflame but as of this

                                                                                    writing survived with

                                                                                    extensive debilitating burns

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